Top 20 Favourite Ever Got Talent Acts: Part 2

If you haven’t seen part 1 of this list, then click here.

Welcome to part 2 of my favourite ever acts from the Got Talent acts.We’ve seen amazing voices, showstopping performances and hilariously bad wannabees. The second part of my list will cover from number 10 to number 6. Will your favourite be among them?

#10 Bianca Ryan – America’s Got Talent 2006

The 11-year-old girl blew us away in her first audition. Even tough guy and hard to impress Piers Morgan predicted she would win the series. Bianca Ryan then proved him right as she took the first title of America’s Got Talent. Her first audition remains one of the most memorable moments of the Got Talent franchise.

#9 Paul Potts – Britain’s Got Talent 2007

Who could’ve thought a mobile phone salesman would have the voice of an angel? That’s one of the greatest things about this show, finding undiscovered talent from the least expected places. Paul’s rendition of Nessum Dorma was just the beginning of a successful career as he went on to win the show and sell two successful albums. Whenever we here a singer try to attempt Nessum Dorma, we’ll forever think of Paul Potts.

#8 Prince Poppycock – America’s Got Talent 2010

Sharon Osbourne described him as “the male lady gaga”. Prince Poppycock brought fun and excitement to what some consider to be a boring style of music. He’s an artist in every sense from his costumes, to his stage designs, to his performances and of course his voice. His rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody as well as his top 10 performance dedicated to America were one of the most outstanding shows i’ve seen on the stage. The only reason he didn’t win was because of his final performance of Nessum Dorma which was too serious and which was shockingly buzzed by Piers Morgan too. Prince Poppycock will always be remembered as the guy who brought fun to opera.

#7 David And Dania (Quickchange) – America’s Got Talent 2006 

Everyone in the audience had the same reaction when they first saw this. How the  f*** do they do that? The reactions and the look on peoples face are priceless. David and Dania amazed us with their unusually quick change of clothes. Their audition when on to receive over 20 million views and they became viral superstars.

#6 Diversity – Britain’s Got Talent 2009

This dance group takes the number 6 place of my countdown. Diversity amazed the audience in their audition with their hectic moves and their diverse personalities. They ended up being the surprise winners of their series, beating the world wide favourite Susan Boyle in the final. For me, Diversity is by far the best dance crew from the show and have since raised an almost unreachable bar for future dance crews.
And with that, we’ve come to the end of the second part of the list. Part 3 will come in a few days were it will feature the five most amazing acts the show has seen. For now, follow this page and my twitter account for updates on my future posts and feel free to leave a comment on your opinions of my list and the show itself. Until then, adios!

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