Harry Potter and the Epic Finale

Thirteen years ago, JK Rowling released the first of a series of books dedicated to the adventure of Harry Potter. This franchise she created has turned into a global phenomenon from the top of the bestseller list to one of the highest grossing film series of all time. The final week is a sad one for all Harry Potter fanatics worldwide as they await the final end of the adventure they’ve fell in love with for so many years. After the release of the awaited Deathly Hallows Part 2, there will no longer be any new movies for us to enjoy.

I remember myself at six years old and obsessed with the idea of magic. I didn’t understand what was happening of course, just the flying of broomsticks, the incantations of spells and the brewing of potions all kept my imagination alive. My first book was in 2002 at eight years old, when my mum gave me the Prizoner Of Azkaban book as a Christmas gift. It was a marathon read as i could only read 3 pages a night at that time. It really wasn’t until I bought the games and the movies when i really became obsessed with the magical world. I then went deeper by reading all the books, stunned and on the edge of my seat as i flipped the pages. This story has been apart of my childhood and now at sixteen years of age, it finally comes to an end. It may bring the same feelings to us fans which Toy Story 3 did to it’s aged audience.

With the the film set to release on July 13 in Australia (or July 15 in US or UK), there is just one final week left. Within that week, i’ll be watching the previousĀ  movies one by one and and sharing my thoughts to you one by one. I’ll include favourite quotes, funny stories in relation to the film and a bit of my review on each.

For all Harry Potter fans out there, join us this week as we count down the days till the end of our beloved wizarding world.

Tomorrow we’ll kick off with the Philosophers Stone or Sorcerers Stone if you prefer that name.

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6 responses to “Harry Potter and the Epic Finale

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