My Frustration with Technology, Particularly Apple Products

As the world goes by, day by day, brilliant and genius new ideas are made by curious minds which has shaped the world as we see it. New innovative and creative ideas have changed the way we live our lives. There’s one thing we can all agree on. Technology has made us so thankful to be a part of this current generation.

In this blog, I want to focus mainly on one of the biggest corporations in the world. That is Apple. We all know apple. Those of you reading will likely have an apple product or even be reading this blog from one. Or you could be one of those unlucky few that desire an ipod touch or iphone. Apple has brought a lot to this world. For one, it’s created a new generation of touch screen addicts with wires plugged in their ears. Also it’s superior to the rival companies which try to imitate its products. However one of the annoying things I find about apple is the constant release of new products every year.

Yes, before you judge me, I know apple develops new products everyday to satisfy the unlimited wants of people’s desires. However, for those people like me who don’t make much money (I’m a school student), these release of new products, although impressive, is pretty distressing to my self esteem, mostly for stupid reasons. I’ll tell you guys my story of my first apple product.

When the ipod touch first came out, I was so excited; I went straight to my parents and demanded they’d give it to me just like any spoilt child would. This begging for this awesome product lasted for a quite a while, I would actually say about two years. One day, I got the grades that would make my parents proud and because of that, on the Christmas of 2009, my parents decided to give me a 2nd generation ipod touch. I remember when I saw the apple logo as I ripped the wrapping paper. I felt like a kid who saw Santa Claus. I finally had my own and I finally could play those apps I see on my friends own gadgets.

I use my ipod everyday; in fact I still use the same one to this day. It’s gone through numerous downloads, quite a violent life (from dropping and sitting on it) and has endured thousands of my social networking conversations. Almost two years have gone and now things have changed. I still love my ipod and I can’t go a day without it. Throughout that period, apple seems to be on steroids as it produces one after another product after product. The Ipad, Iphone 3G, Iphone 4G, Ipod Touch 4G and the Ipad 2. After hearing from my friend today, I find out that they’ll now be releasing an Iphone 5 this year.

It’s annoying seeing my friends ipod touch 4G which has the ability to have the background placed behind the apps as well as the camera and inbuilt microphone and not to mention the quality of the screen. The world seems to be updating while I’m still on my 2G ipod with a black background, lackluster graphics (compared with the new ones) and no camera in sight. I always tell myself, why I didn’t wait an extra year so I could get these awesome features.

Many of you may feel the same way or maybe you’re laughing at me through your new updated apple products. Whatever you think, I reckon apple sucks when they release awesome new products with features that I can’t have xD. Eventually, apple could possibly go beyond. Maybe we’ll see apple tv’s, apple cars, apple houses or maybe an apple planet. Let’s appreciate the products we have now because in ten years time, we’ll be laughing over how crappy these devices are.

Thank you for reading my blog and I really appreciate the time you’ve spent here. 🙂 For more posts from me, you can subscribe to this blog and you can also follow my twitter account. Until next time, [insert killer catchphrase here].