Top 20 Favourite Ever Got Talent Acts: Part 1

The Got Talent franchise has become a global phenomenon and is a huge opportunity for acts of all different talents to showcase what they have. From the singers, to magicians, dog acts and sometimes the nutters. The show has produced some global stars and created some memorable moments. In this blog, we will look back at some of my favourite acts ever to appear on the Got Talent stage.

The acts I have chosen have come from mainly Australia, USA and Britain so if there’s a great act out there outside of these countries, feel free to share it with us.

#20 Mark Vincent – Australia’s Got Talent 2009

When 15-year-old Mark Vincent first appeared on Australia’s Got Talent, he blew the judges and the crowd away with his amazing voice. For the aussies, this was the first time we’ve experienced an opera sensation in our Got Talent franchise, but it was hard to believe it when it came from this 15-year-old. In the end Mark ended up winning the third season and has since released a number one album in Australia.

#19 Adam Murby – Australia’s Got Talent 2010

Magic has become a great addition to the show, but very few succeed in connecting with the public. However this duo wowed the public with spectacular illusions and their showmanship. In this performance in particular (shown in the video), it was for me, one of the most memorable magic tricks i’ve ever seen.

#18 Taylor Ware – America’s Got Talent 2006

The 11-year-old girl from Tennessee gets the number 18 spot on my countdown. Before the show, yodelling wasn’t a big favourite to peoples ears. But after Taylor Ware appeared on the show, she made us realize that yodelling was fun. I especially love the reactions by the judges in her audition.

#17 Connie Talbot – Britain’s Got Talent 2007

Possibly the cutest act to ever go on Britains Got Talent. Six-year-old Connie Talbot really moved us in her first audition when she sang a beautiful rendition of Over The Rainbow. Connie has now received almost 100 million views.

#16 Signature – Britain’s Got Talent 2008

This duo was one of the most brilliant dance acts we’ve seen. The Michael Jackson impersonator and his big friend bought the crowd on their feet on their first audition. It got Piers dancing and Simon smiling. In the end, Signature earned a well deserved second place.

#15 Justice Crew – Australia’s Got Talent 2010

When Justice Crew first came into their audition, they blew the crowd away with their hectic dance routine. It was obvious from the beginning that they were the favourites to win the show and this proved to be correct as they ended up winning in what some say was the best ever season of Australias Got Talent.

#14 Pip And Puppy – Britains Got Talent 2011

Dogs have been a common addition to the got talent franchise, particularly in the British version. When Pip and her adorable puppy came along, they blew us with possibly the best performance we’ve seen from a dog. The singing puppy brought a smile to peoples face and was given a standing ovation. Simon Cowell always wanted a dog act to win and this is it. Even though they didn’t win the show, they won the hearts of dog lovers everywhere.

#13 Spellbound – Britain’s Got Talent 2010

In the past, gymnastic acts have failed to make their technical display entertaining. With Spellbound, they stunned the audience with their amazing display of tricks and strength. This was by far the best gymnastic act we’ve seen on the show and Britain went behind this group and awarded them the place on theRoyal Variety Show.

#12 Aimee Elizabeth – Australia’s Got Talent 2010

The gorgeous mother of two has been described as Susan Boyle in Jennifer Anniston’s body. Opera isn’t as appreciated by the public as its not the style they love. But what this woman brought to the show was something different than the usual sopranos we see. She brought popera! This performance was one of the most beautiful and intriguing performances of opera i’ve seen.

#11 Escala – Britain’s Got Talent 2008

The beautiful ladies of Escala just miss a place in my top 10. The electric string quartet showed a stunning display of classical music which won over the judges in their audition. Definitely the best string quartet seen on the show and the group have since released an album.

And that concludes the first part of my top 20 Got Talent acts. Whether or not you agree, I hope you enjoyed reading my review on one of my favourite shows. The second part will be posted shortly so follow this page or my twitter account to be updated on more.